Aeros XP1K Snorkel Kit

The AEROS XP1K Snorkel Kit for the Polaris RZR 1000  by EAS Off-Raod 

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Availability date: 01/5/2015


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This is not your Cousin Eddie's PVC plumbing debauchery, It's not your pretty plastic mold injected kit that leaks like a screen door on a submarine. You Spent a lot of money on your RZR 1000 now do it right.....

The AEROS XP1K Snorkel Kit includes 3 rear facing air scoops including a integrated clutch cooling return system. This combination is capable of moving well over 1400 cfm of air coming or going. Add the XP1K air filtrer kit (not Included) for added power...

The heavy duty intake and clutch case vent system is made from silicone joints and aluminum tube  and T-bolt clamps for a first class look.

This unit comes with everything you need to install the system in less than 2 hours with average tools. You will be cutting 1 hole in your bed and 2 in the intake covers and you might have to change a few little things depending on how your unit is set up and what accessories it has on it.

The AEROS XP1K relocates the air cleaner intake, the clutch intake and clutch exhaust and crankcase vent to the top of the unit where it has the least chance of ingesting dirt and water into your system.  It also caps off the gearbox, transmission, front and rear differential with our altitude compensation plug, closing them to outside debris, as well as protecting the gas vent line so water and dirt can't get in.

The AEROS XP1K Snorkel Kit , when installed properly, will allow you to safely go mudding without the worries of killing your unit with water, mud and dust. We are not recommending you go swimming with your RZR, but if you had to you could go up to your shoulders or the top of the bed without doing damage to your unit.

NOTE : The exposed pipes are now black epoxy / enamel for better protection the brushed was not coming clean after a good mud bath.


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Aeros XP1K Snorkel Kit

Aeros XP1K Snorkel Kit

The AEROS XP1K Snorkel Kit for the Polaris RZR 1000  by EAS Off-Raod 

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